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Talking Turnabout with Author April Alisa Marquette

The Author

April Alisa Marquette, a native New Yorker, was delighted with the literature and creative writing electives offered in college. Once a tutor for middle school and high school students, she successfully shared with them her love for reading as well as writing. She is committed to creating detailed sagas that depict smart, sexy, savvy multicultural women. To learn more about April, check her out on Twitter and her website.

The Book

Turnabout is a frustrating, but mostly exhilarating love story that involves not only the lovers, but their family, friends, and foes -- a must-read!

In the story, sexy, savvy JaMerican Abigail shows up distressed, at the home of ruggedly attractive, pop music producer, Joseph Forrester. He would like to be involved with Abigail, but that may never happen... Conflicting emotions, and other people --namely her unscrupulous ex continuously manage to keep the couple apart. Then when the ex learns something that she's kept secret, one has to wonder, will he advance himself, even amid the misfortune that suddenly befalls her? As other obstacles mount, another question arises. Will the seemingly star-crossed lovers triumph, or will they wind up parting ways...and for good, this time?

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CLG Review of Turnabout

3 out of 5 Latte Rating

A Dramatic, Satisfying Read

We know them, the best friends who love one another but for more reasons than they can count, they can never get to that happily ever after.

Enter Joseph and Abigail, main characters in April Alisa Marquette's Turnabout.

Joseph, a pop music producer, has been at Abigail's side every time she has gone through bad times, but has yet to open his mouth and say he loves her. Abigail, used to taking care of everyone in her life can't seem to take care of herself, especially in regards to getting her ex-boyfriend Darre completely out of her life. When the devious Darre learns a secret of Abigail's he uses it to his advantage, a move that further causes strife in Abigail's life and in her wished-for happily ever after with Joseph. Will the two get it right? Will all the pain fall away and allow these star-crossed lovers to finally get it together? You'll have to read Marquette's book to find out.

Turnabout is a good read. It's got enough twists and turns and drama to keep you reading, wondering how things will all work out, and Marquette gives us two characters who are nicely drawn and able to make you care about their lives and their struggles and make you wish for a solid love connection for the pair.

The Interview

Imagine the movie poster for your novel, TURNABOUT. What's the logline, catch phrase on it?
A frustrating but exhilarating story of how people can get in the way of love.

What was the spark that initiated the idea behind TURNABOUT?
I saw a gorgeous man and wondered what he did for a living. I wondered where he might possibly live, and what type of relationship he would be involved in. As I thought about it, Joseph, our leading man ‘came to me.’

Talk to us about the writing process for TURNABOUT. Was it a fast write? Did you outline first or just sit and crank out the story?
Actually, Turnabout is the first story I ever wrote—with the intention of becoming published. It was a fast write. However, it did not 'feel' right at the time, so I put it away and did not look at it again for many years because I started shopping the stories I'd written after it. When I did go back to it, I realized that I only had the skeleton of the story, so then I added the details, which caused it to all come together.

What's one thing you want readers to come away with having read TURNABOUT?
I really wanted to stress that a love story doesn’t always have to be about just the lovers. In real life, when two people are involved, their family, friends, and even their frenemies get involved. Everyone usually has something to say, so I figured why not make art mirror life? I truly want readers to come away saying, now that was a good book!

What are you doing to promote TURNABOUT?
I have done radio interviews, and many people-–readers, writers, critics, and bloggers--like you, have reviewed it. Thank you for this opportunity. I also do readings at book clubs and libraries, and there have been a few ‘Turnabout’ parties.

Why do you write?
I write because I love to, and I realize I am so blessed to be able to do what I love. I also write because being a reader myself, I know that readers want good stories. I also write for women, mostly about women because I believe women want to see multi-ethnic women in roles that empower. Women want to laugh, and feel a bit emotional, they want steamy erotic scenes, along with beautiful imagery. Therefore when I write, I offer all of those things, using characters who look like many of America’s minorities. By the way, I don’t particularly care for that word because there is nothing minor about women and people of color.

What is the most important component of a story for you--why?
For me, the most important component in a story is the background. I try to show you where and how a person grew up. Insight into these things also sheds light on why a character has certain traits.

Who is one of your favorite writers, and how does he/she inspire you as a writer?
I adore the work of Maya Angelou; there is a realism in the way she tells a story. There is a calmness, even when she writes about chaos. While reading her, one can chuckle, and she is also thought-provoking. I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips because she peels away the many layers of her characters, leaving them vulnerable and open.

Word Association. What comes to mind when you see the following words:
TURNABOUT: an about-face
RELATIONSHIPS: they take work
LOVE: encompassing, smooth, tumultuous, sexy
WRITING: employment
APRIL ALISA MARQUETTE: Me! Author, Up and Coming

What projects are you currently working on?
I am putting the finishing touches on the last novel in my Cohort Trilogy. It is called Iniquities and it is about the buff, beautiful, gay male, Beau. Readers got to know him in my novels Absolution and Progression. Be prepared, the new story is as wild a ride as the first two. However, in Iniquities something happens that just might finally tear the fragile Cohorts circle of family and friends apart, forever... Take a peek into Beau's closeted world. You've got to read it! Check my website for details, including the release date. I am also working on the sequel to my thriller Exodus -- for those of you who keep asking. As long as people keep reading, I'll keep writing! Thank you readers, and thank you Shonell for this opportunity.

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