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"Really Real" Love with Author J. J. Murray

For the month of May, All the Blog's a Page (AtBaP) proves that love IS color blind as we feature authors of interracial romance!

This week, we spotlight acclaimed author J. J. Murray!

The first time I saw J. J.'s picture, I have to admit I was shocked. I was used to African American female writers telling the stories of multicultural love. But then I read Renee and Jay. And then I read Renee and Jay 2. And then I read Something Real. And then I read the other books, and I realized two things: Murray's a good storyteller, and what I enjoy the most from his writing is my ability to see he wants to tell a good love story (no matter the color).

J. J.'s Latest

J.J. is a rare breed. He might actually be the only white male author who exclusively writes IR novels, and of course, because of this, I had to pose the following question: "How have readers taken to your work and to you as a white male author of IR?"
Murray replied, "I may be the only one! People generally squint at me a lot at readings for some reason, as if I'm not quite in focus. I sometimes open readings with, "You were expecting someone else?" I have been told that I couldn't possibly be J. J. Murray at writer's conferences--I even had to show ID. I once stood up from a signing in North Carolina to stretch my legs, and my wife signed books for me as J. J. Murray without anyone being the wiser. (I'm such a ghost sometimes). So many readers write to me after reading my books to tell me they didn't know I was a white man, some (not all) of them adding that it didn't matter a bit. I just hope and pray that I can touch a few hearts, pull a few heartstrings, release a few tears, and unleash some laughter in reader's lives. I hope readers smile when they've read the last word."

To read the rest of J. J. Murray's comments on interracial romance and to read an excerpt of Too Much of a Good Thing, head to All the Blog's a Page!

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