Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What’s YOUR Craziest Breakup or Wedding Story?

We know you got 'em - stories about breakups and weddings that are so outrageous, so completely off the wall that you refuse to tell people because you know that NO ONE would believe you. Well, ChickLitGurrl and SisterDivas WILL believe you, and not only that, we are going to pick the two craziest stories and give the winners of said stories an autograph copy of Brenda Janowitz's hilarious debut novel, SCOT ON THE ROCKS (ChickLitGurrl's review of SOTR is below).

We will be accepting stories until Friday, September 21, 2007, and we will be announcing our winners and posting their stories (if they give us the okay) on Friday, September 28, 2007!

Submit all stories to us at sdb6812@hotmail.com with the subject CRAZIEST BREAKUP (or WEDDING) STORY!

Release the insanity of your stories, and submit TODAY!

ChickLitGurrl's Review of SCOT ON THE ROCKS - 4.5 out of 5 Rating

I'm a lover of titles, and when I heard of SCOT ON THE ROCKS, the debut novel by Brenda Janowitz, I immediately thought, "Witty, cool title - maybe the book's as witty and cool as it." It was.

The novel follows Manhattan attorney Brooke Miller, a woman who finds her great life gone to pot when her ex-boyfriend announces his engagement to the latest Hollywood IT girl. That in and of itself wouldn't bother her...well, too much, considering she has a hunky, sexy Scottish boyfriend she plans to take to the wedding. But wouldn't you know it, the Scottish hunk breaks up with her, leaving her dateless for her ex's wedding. Unwilling to forgo attending the wedding, zany Brooke concocts a plan to find a replacement date for the wedding and to get the love of her life. With a woman willing to a) attend her ex's wedding and b) instead of telling the truth, find a fake Scottish boyfriend, you know that craziness will ensue in Brooke's journey to happiness.

SCOT ON THE ROCKS was a breezy, funny romp of a story. Our storyteller, Brooke, has a very distinct voice, which I really liked. She had shortcomings - lots of them, but she acknowledged them, made fun of them, encouraged others to do so, too. As I listened to her tale of woe and of triumphant, I felt I was right alongside her. Author Brenda Janowitz does a great job with infusing nice characters, minor and major, and scenes that made me smile and say, I can totally see that, such as when Brooke and Jack are playing with the Magic 8-Ball (you'll have to get the book yourself to know what I mean!). Overall, SCOT ON THE ROCKS is a book that I would definitely recommend; it's a book that fits really well in today's contemporary women's fiction climate. I'm impressed with Janowitz's skills as a writer, especially with this being her first book. I look forward to what she serves us next.

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