Thursday, June 28, 2007

Did Anyone Watch THE STARTER WIFE?

I've been glued to my TV every Thursday for the last month watching my girl Debra Messing play Molly in the six-hour series THE STARTER WIFE on USA. I'm like SO sad that it's over. I absolutely LOVED it.

It was refreshing to see Messing in a different role and be able to carry it, too.

As a lover of chick lit and just anything literary or movie or TV related that deals with strong women, this was a must-watch for me. I only hope they (whoever "they" are) put the series on DVD and sell it. I'd be first in line, :-)

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Unknown said...

I did watch The Starter Wife and I was really upset that it was only a summer series. I definitely wanted to see more of Molly and her adventures.