Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Belated Anniversary to Me et Other Stuff

Wow. Usually I'm good with dates, but not this go round. I totally forgot my one-year anniversary of creating this blog! *shaking head*

It was a year ago in April that I decided to plant more roots on the grassy knoll of cyberspace! I used to be a big fan of keeping diaries and journals, but my tendonitis has gotten to the point where it hurts to hold a pen for too long. However, typing doesn't hurt as bad, so I thought I would create this blog as a way to tell my publishing woes and spotlight women authors who I admire. A year later, I'm still here, and believe me, that's a big thing. Usually when life piles up the insanity, I let things go, but not this. I think it's a big testament to those of you who read the blog and comment on here or via e-mail. Shows me that someone is listening and perhaps caring...just a bit. :-)

With that out of the way, I'm currently in the middle of PURE INSANITY. I started teaching two, six-week research writing classes at the uni, and grading starts next week. I apologize in advance for anything I might write starting then. In addition to that, I am also co-editor for an academic textbook that has to be put together and shipped to the publisher like three years ago (lol-it feels like), and I'm co-speaker for four events this month at area libraries for a teen reading/writing summer program. My partner (really mentor--she's co-editor of the textbook) and I will be talking about mystery writing and having the kids write their own stories for possible rewards. Submissions are out on two of my books, so I'm waiting to hear SOMETHING on them. I'm currently working on a new project about an overweight chick that has to deal with her food obsession and get on with her life, and I have another project on the periphery of my mind that I'm taking notes on.

On top of these things, I'm still everywoman--editing projects, doing bi-weekly reads/critiques with a writing partner, preparing to put together the two magazines (one with a new, major component), praying for my best friend and her well being (I love you, sis!), making sure the family gets itself to-freaking-gether, compiling more activities for my vita for future might-be gigs, considering a PhD, etc.

All in a day's work, I say, *smirk*

Til later.

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